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Your Neighborhood Quick Care Facility

At Castaneda Quick Care, our goal is to serve our community. Our team fulfills this goal everyday by providing comprehensive services, affordable pricing, and above all, treating every patient with the utmost care and respect. Six days a week, our general practitioners treats patients ages two and up, and our billing specialists provide competitive rates for those without insurance. If you have questions regarding our services, submit an inquiry!

general practitioner having a meeting with patient
Chronic Disease Management

Do you live with a chronic disease? You’re not alone. 6 in 10 adults in the US have a chronic disease. Whether you’re in need of regular check-ups, screenings, prescriptions, treatments, referrals, or general education, our team is committed to serving you.

general practitioner checks a patient's heart beat
COPD & Asthma Care

Manage your asthma and COPD with the help of the Castaneda Quick Care team! Whether you’re looking for prescription refills, treatment options, or have questions on how to monitor your condition, our team is happy to assist you and help you manage your COPD or asthma.

general practitioner checks a patient's ears
Ear Syringing

Our ears naturally produce wax to keep particles out and eliminate bacteria growth - but sometimes, our ears produce too much wax. This causes earaches, decreased hearing, and dizziness. Ear syringing is the process of cleansing the ear canal to gently remove excess earwax.

general practitioner wrapping an arm in bandages
Joint Splinting

Accidents happen - and sometimes, we need medical attention to ensure we don’t do more harm than good. If you think you’ve sprained or injured your joint, applying a safe and secure splint is paramount to your healing. We provide comprehensive sprain assessments and joint splinting.

general practitioner fixing and cleaning wound
Minor Wound Care

Scrapes, burns, lacerations, and abrasions all have the potential to be dangerous when not properly cared for - especially if foreign matter or bacteria enter your wound. Our team will properly clean and remove debris from your wound and apply bandages to facilitate a quick recovery.

general practitioner checks a patient's blood pressure
General Health

From the moment you are born, health becomes a priority that requires regular monitoring and maintenance. If you’re seeking general health services, including blood pressure, blood work, lab testing, screenings, and more, Castaneda Quick Care is your solution!

general practitioner helps keeps patients healthy
Prevention & Wellness

One of the best things you can do for your health, is often the most simple! Visiting a general practitioner once a year is critical in catching conditions before they worsen, staying up to date on vaccinations, and maintaining good health. We accept walk-ins seven days a week!

general practitioner filling out information for a patient
Work, School, and Travel Exams

Physical and medical exams are critical across many areas of life. Whether you're starting a new job, traveling overseas, or have a child who is starting school in the fall, health exams ensure individuals are safe to integrate into new environments without risking their health.

general practitioner having a meeting with patient

Do you have questions regarding your health? Whether you’ve noticed a recent change in your health, or simply have questions related to diet, exercise, or your family's medical history, our team is happy to identify your concerns and provide answers.

kingsville medical clinic with general practitioner
Minor Ambulatory Procedures

Not all medical procedures require a trip to the hospital. If you are in need of sutures (or the removal of sutures), incision and drainage, or removal of foreign objects, our team may be able to help! Contact our office to learn if your procedure qualifies for a minor ambulatory procedure.

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